Christ School Bundibugyo :: One Time Needs

Christ School Bundibugyo :: One Time Needs

Bundibugyo, Uganda

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and invest in the future of Christ School.

At Christ School - Bundibugyo, we strive to be good stewards of the resources you entrust to us. In our monthly scholarship programs, our partners provide on-going support with school fees for children from poor families. And we put all of these fees directly toward our day to day operations to educate these students.

However — this means that none of those fees cover important infrastructure projects that are vital to keeping this school a safe and healthy learning environment.

We are grateful for donations of any amount and we always want to be faithful to honor the desires of our donors. If you’d like to partner with us, but are not ready to go monthly, below is a list of priority needs for key infrastructure development and rehabilitation on our campus.

Your gift helps protects Christ School from falling into disrepair and allows us to improve the physical environment for all of our students.

Make a one-time gift by selecting one of the options below. Simply indicate the purpose of your gift in the box at the bottom of the form labeled “Dedication.”

(We’re half-way there!)

This year, we are being required to replace every single bed we have with safer metal bunks.(Wooden beds have been declared illegal for boarding schools because they are fire hazards.)

We have already raised $7500 for the first 75 metal bunks before school started, but we still need $7500 to finish buying the other half of these beds.

This is an immediate, pressing need and opportunity to make a big difference in the lives of these children.



A few years ago we started a new chapel – but a poor cocoa harvest meant many parents defaulted on school fees and we had no choice but to use all of our funds to just pay teachers.

    Finishing the building would require $30,000 total - but here are a few smaller ways to help:

  • Roof Completion: $15,000
  • Completing The Floor Slab: $8,500
  • Installation Of Doors/Window: $2,800
  • Electrical Setup: $1,500
  • Cement Plaster And Painting: $5,600


We currently have very large potholes in our concrete classroom floors. Our kitchen wood stoves are in need for repair. And we have a decrepit chain link fence bordering the school which needs to be replaced with a brick wall for safety.

Serge strives to follow donor intent. All giving to Serge is under the discretion of the Serge Board and is used to further the broad mission of Serge. We will give preference to the project and field the donor designates.

Christ School Bundibugyo :: One Time Needs

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