Building Gospel Communities

Building Gospel Communities

All over the world people are hungry for the gospel.

We see it all the time. Someone hears about Jesus for the first time and then not only their life, but their family’s life, and their whole community is forever changed.

Serge is sending missionaries into the world to build Gospel Communities – to become deeply involved in the lives of people who have never met a Christian.

But they need to know that we have their back.

People will go to hard places and do hard things for a really long time - if they have a Gospel Community sending and caring for them.

Invest in long-term Gospel impact by joining the Gospel Community caring for missionary needs - spiritual, emotional, and physical.

    Your gift will help:
  • to provide critical care for missionaries, their kids, and their teams - doing everything possible to take care of pressing needs and distractions.
  • to come along side missionaries with Gospel Renewal for themselves and their team - keeping them refreshed to continue reaching out.
  • to recruit and send more missionaries - so that missionaries have thriving, functional teams for long-term impact.

Your investment in Serge helps build Gospel Communities all over the world - so that people might see and believe in Jesus.

Building Gospel Communities

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