Caleb Stober

Caleb Stober

Japan - National

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Having grown up as an MK of Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea, Caleb has a deep appreciation for the many cultures and peoples of the world. While he wanted to live in Japan ever since childhood, it was not until moving there in 2014 for university that he began to understand the spiritual needs of the Japanese people and to desire to see the gospel go forth among them.

Motivated by this, he completed both a B.A. in Intercultural Studies & Bible and an M.A. in Global Migration Studies at Columbia International University, writing his thesis on ongoing obstacles to Christianity in Japan. He is excited to continue his work in this area with the hope of helping to improve the health and strength of the Christian witness among the Japanese, a people much loved by God.

Now, Caleb serves as a Logistics & Technology Assistant at Christ Bible Institute in Nagoya, Japan, and is in the process of learning the Japanese language and what long-term ministry looks like for him in Japan. His earnest desire is to see the name of Christ cherished and proclaimed throughout Japan, "that the Lamb that was slain might receive the full reward for his suffering.

Stober, Caleb

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