David and Sara Perkins

David and Sara Perkins

DoSlova, Prague, Czech Republic

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David and Sara grew up ten minutes from each other in Tacoma, Washington, but did not meet until 2013, when David was home for a break from his studies at Covenant Theological Seminary. They immediately connected over a mutual interest in counseling and vocational ministry. In 2014, they married and moved to St. Louis together to continue their studies.

For undergrad, Sara attended Whitworth University, earning a B.A. in Theology with minors in Psychology and Spanish. For four years, she volunteered with Young Life, working with inner-city students, which propelled her towards a desire to pursue a career in counseling. David graduated from Washington State University with a B.S. in Psychology and Criminology. Post college, David found indirect mentorship through authors including Francis Schaeffer and Jerram Barrs, leading him to study under Barrs in seminary.

In 2018, David graduated with Master’s degrees in Divinity and Counseling. Working as a mentor for youth north of Delhi, India and for refugees in St. Louis, convicted him of the power mentorship can have to facilitate healing in vulnerable communities. David and Sara’s passion for mercy ministry, mentorship, and seeing revival of the Church in Europe led them to pursue work with Serge in Prague, Czechia.

At present, David works predominantly with the Ukrainian refugee population, providing counseling-informed mentorship and acclimation assistance. They are members at DoSlova, Serge’s Czech/English church plant, where Sara leads the Communications Team. They are also both a part of the church’s Mercy Team, which aims to inform and mobilize the congregation to serve marginalized communities in the city. David helps to identify, encourage, and support emerging local leaders in the church.

Their children, Ransom and Jubilee, attend the local public school, which allows the entire family to more readily interact with neighbors. Czechia is categorized as an “unreached” population, with most Czechs identifying as aetheist. Ultimately, their desire is that over a lifetime of ministry they could gain deep relationships within both the refugee and local communities and share the hope of the Gospel.

Perkins, David & Sara

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