Europe Refugee Crisis

Europe Refugee Crisis

As you read the news and see the anguish and turmoil caused by war — you can help.

Women, children, and the elderly have fled their homes and are in need of basic needs. They’re dependent on the charity of people they have never met.

Serge missionaries in neighboring countries have partnered with local organizations to provide shelter, food, and basic life necessities, including soul care.

It may be the biggest humanitarian crisis Europe has seen since WWII. There is expected to be more than 4 million Ukrainian refugees and thousands of Russians trying to leave their country.

Will you help provide direct relief and show the love of Christ?

Any amount will help.

Serge strives to follow donor intent. All giving to Serge is under the discretion of the Serge Board and is used to further the broad mission of Serge. We will give preference to the project and field the donor designates.

Europe Refugee Crisis