Eye Love Africa

Eye Love Africa

Kigali, Rwanda

Training, Mentoring, and Equipping Africans for the sustainable development of eye care.

Jesus loved the poor and disabled and gave special attention to the blind during his earthly ministry. Today, the majority of people suffering with blindness are found in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) and Southeast Asia, 8 out of 10 being needlessly blind. They simply lack access to affordable eye care.

The vision of Eye Love Africa (ELA) is to eradicate needless blindness in Africa. ELA’s mission is to empower Africans to be the hands and feet of Jesus for the blind.

Training will be focused at the Rwanda International Institute of Ophthalmology (RIIO) where Dr. John Cropsey, Serge missionary, serves as the Director of Clinical Training and Global Ophthalmology. This is the region’s first and only residency training program for eye surgeons. Six residents are accepted per year into the four year training program, meaning 24 young doctors will be in training as eye surgeons at RIIO! Eye Love will partner heavily in the development of RIIO and its outreach programs.

Mentorship will include modeling skill with compassion in the everyday “trenches” of clinic and OR with the residents as well as offering a weekly Bible study exploring how faith in Jesus impacts our calling as physicians to care for the blind in difficult places. Our aim is for all of our trainees to become mentors and leaders for the glory of God and the good of Africa as we lay down our lives together.

Equipping will include enabling our graduates and other partners access to the equipment, business skills and financing needed to deliver eye care in some of the toughest places on earth.

Pictured Above: Dr. Toney is our first Eye Love Africa partner in Eastern Congo

The project’s initial focus will be the Great Lakes Region of Africa, specifically Rwanda, Burundi and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Due to the abundance of fresh water and fertile soil, the Great Lakes has one of the highest population densities in SSA, however, poverty, disease and chronic instability, including war and genocide, have created a region nearly devoid of affordable, quality eye care.

Serge strives to follow donor intent. All giving to Serge is under the discretion of the Serge Board and is used to further the broad mission of Serge. We will give preference to the project and field the donor designates.

Eye Love Africa

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