George and Susan Watts

George and Susan Watts

Kijabe, Kenya

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George and Susan Watts moved to East Africa with Serge in 2015, first serving in Burundi, then Rwanda, and now Kenya. The Watts currently serve at Rift Valley Academy, a school for the children of missionary families around Africa.

Their four children: Jonah (’01) Matéa (’04), Micah (06), and Alma (’11) all spent very formative years in East Africa, with the older two now away in Canada and France for studies.

Before moving to Africa, the Watts spent eight years in France (for work and studies), and a year of short-term mission work in Kazakstan.

So far during their time in East Africa, Susan has worked with a malnutrition program, a Needy Patient Fund which helped families that couldn’t pay their hospital bills, and taught at a Missionary Kid school. At various points, George helped with the administration of a hospital, managed finances for capital projects, helped organize construction, taught and directed the MBA program at Hope Africa University, and was the director of an impact-driven business consulting organization. Previously George worked as a professor of business, a management consultant, and a high-tech product manager.

Rift Valley Academy is a school that provides desperately needed Biblically-grounded, quality education for missionary families serving around the continent. If RVA wasn’t there, many families (including the Watts) would likely have left Africa to provide educational options for their kids. At RVA, George and Susan work as mentors, and teachers, and support the students through their roles as dorm parents, classroom teachers, and discipling students along the way.

Watts, George & Susan

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