Hub Charlotte - Regional Gospel Impact

Hub Carolinas - Regional Gospel Impact

Serge is networking for greater gospel impact in Charlotte NC. We are leveraging cities to reach the world through incarnational ministry.

For years Serge has desired to have a stronger local presence in key US cities — to create geographic hubs that bless these cities and develop deeper gospel engagement for the growth of the kingdom.

Much like sending a missionary overseas, we are sending Serge workers into the US to foster a broad and on-going, relational influence. Rather than focusing on evangelism, however, these people would come alongside churches and local believers — helping them live out the gospel in incarnational ways.

We believe that there is as much work to be done here in the States as there is in the rest of the world.

We want to see this and future generations so changed by the gospel that they become agents of kingdom transformation wherever they go and whatever they do. For the sake of the world, we want to help the church bring the gospel to bear in the broken places in our hearts and the frayed edges of the world.

The Serge Hub in Charlotte, led by Ron Coleman, will:

  1. Bring Serge’s unique “renewing mission” message of grace to churches, para-church organizations, and communities throughout the greater Charlotte area — helping people engage with the gospel in transformational ways.

  2. Introduce new audiences to Serge’s work and help recruit new missionaries and partner churches to take the gospel of grace to the nations.

  3. Connect partners to the direct impact their investment has in the lives of people here and around the world.

Your gift at this time is vital — to lay the foundation and provide the seed money to expand this work into Charlotte. Join us in creating movements of grace reaching all people, renewing all believers, and restoring all things for the world’s good and God’s glory — starting in Charlotte NC.

Hub Carolinas - Regional Gospel Impact

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