Jim Lovelady

Jim Lovelady

Renewal Team, United States

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Jim Lovelady is a Texas-born pastor, musician and liturgist, doing ministry in Philadelphia with his wife, Lori and 3 kids, Lucia, Ephram and Talitha. He is in the ministry of liberating religious people from the anxieties of religion and liberating secular people from the anxieties of secularism through the story of the gospel.

As a Discipleship Mentor with Serge's Renewal team, his passion is to help guide missionaries and pastors back to the joy of their salvation and a daily dependence on--and fellowship with--their savior. The Renewal team is all about equipping missionaries, ministry leaders and all believers with on-going spiritual renewal.

One of the hallmarks of Serge is the belief that we need the gospel as much as anyone we are bringing the good news to. Jim's experience in ministry bears witness to that fact. He knows what it is like to experience discouragement on the missionary field and burn out in pastoral ministry but going through Serge's Sonship program was life-changing for him and now he is grateful for the opportunity to walk alongside others the way that people at Serge walked with him. He is honored to be a part of a ministry that sees the gospel as the power of God for both his and others’ continual transformation into the likeness of Christ.

Pastors need pastors. Missionaries need missionaries.

Would you consider giving monthly to help Jim minister to missionaries and pastors on the brink of burnout? You can be a part of Jim's ministry through prayer and financial support. Click the link below to start giving toward this important work.

One of the beautiful aspects of ministering to pastors and missionaries is the ripple effect. As they are impacted by the gospel, the people they are ministering to are impacted as well. Your support will literally have an exponential impact, transforming the lives of people you may never meet on this side of heaven, but who will be forever changed because of your generosity.

Jim Lovelady

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