Joanna and Mark Stewart

Home Office, United States

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Mark and Joanna have been with Serge since 2001. They served a term teaching at Christ School Bundibugyo in Uganda. They then served a term on the Prague Team in Czech Republic, working in areas of discipleship, mercy and justice, and the arts. In each field they helped to host and facilitate summer internships, equipping and empowering a new generation of missionaries.

Joanna is now working with the Serge's Mobilization Department as a Recruiter for East Africa, helping to shepherd and direct potential missionaries on their journey to the mission field.

Mark and Joanna are currently living in Phoenix, Ariz. Mark's birthday is March 4, Joanna's is August 21 and their sons, Alexander "Sasha" born in October 2005 and Izaak born in April 2009.

Stewart, Joanna & Mark