Joel and Cynthia Hylton

Joel and Cynthia Hylton

Faith Community, Prague, Czech Republic

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Joel and Cindy serve as Area Directors for Leadership Development and Serge Apprenticeships across the mission. They have a passion for seeing men and women so captured by the good news of Jesus Christ that they live their lives for his Kingdom and the sake of others.

In 2004, the Hyltons joined the apprenticeship team in Dublin, Ireland, moving with their four daughters from Asheville, NC. Ongoing immigration issues led them to relocate with the Apprenticeship team to London in 2009. They moved to Prague, Czech Republic in 2017 to better resource and expand the apprenticeships. By the time Joel and Cindy moved to Prague, their role had expanded to encompass leadership training and development across all fields.

The apprenticeships they oversee are located in multiple countries across two continents. They vary in focus from church-planting, to community development, mercy ministry, and transformational business. The apprenticeships offer hands-on service with personal mentoring and a training curriculum.

In Leadership Development, the Hyltons are responsible for training and developing leaders to better serve their teammates as they work together to accomplish a common mission. To this end, the Hyltons are leading a field effort to put into place foundational curriculum and processes that will help leaders see and develop the potential of each worker.

The Hyltons are supported through donations to Serge.

Hylton, Joel & Cynthia

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