Kibuye Eye Clinic, Burundi

Kibuye, Burundi

We are thankful to announce that the Ophthalmology Service at Kibuye Hope Hospital is now completely led by African ophthalmic professionals with a team of over 20 staff! Our unofficial Serge Kibuye team motto has always been, ‘We aren’t the best people for this job, our students are!”. On average, the eye team treats over 10,000 patients per year and performs over 2,000 sight-restoring surgeries.

Eighty percent of all blindness is either reversible or preventable in Burundi.

Giving the gift of sight to the blind is consistently found to be one of the most cost-effective interventions in all of medicine. A gift as small as $20 can help restore someone’s vision at Kibuye.

Funds given to this project will help off-set the cost of medicines, surgical materials, equipment and mobile eye camps that allow us to deliver eye care to the poorest of the poor at an affordable price. Funds will also be used to continue investment in human resource development and expansion of services.

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Serge strives to follow donor intent. All giving to Serge is under the discretion of the Serge Board and is used to further the broad mission of Serge. We will give preference to the project and field the donor designates.

Kibuye Eye Clinic, Burundi