Kibuye Nutrition Program, Burundi

Kibuye Nutrition Program, Burundi

Kibuye, Burundi

Though Burundi is among the poorest and hungriest countries in the world, patients admitted to Burundian hospitals only eat what their families provide for them.  After the arrival of the Serge Kibuye team in 2013, it became evident that healing would require better nutrition.  In 2015, Kibuye Hope Hospital became the 2nd hospital in the country to provide meals to patients.

Today, the hospitalized nutrition program provides two nutritious meals a day to both patients and their caregivers.

Additionally, chronic malnutrition affects many Burundian children, with a result that the majority do not reach their full stature for nutritional reasons (UNICEF, 2023).  

Today, the community nutrition program identifies over 400 malnourished children at a time in the community and provides them with a locally-manufactured multigrain porridge.  During twice weekly visits, they are provided with food, education, and monitoring of growth.

Budget: $60,000/year for the hospitalized nutrition program (over 250,000 meals per year, roughly $0.25 per meal); $90,000/year for the community nutrition program

Serge strives to follow donor intent. All giving to Serge is under the discretion of the Serge Board and is used to further the broad mission of Serge. We will give preference to the project and field the donor designates.

Kibuye Nutrition Program, Burundi

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