Kristen Lalley

Kristen Lalley

East London, U.K.

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An unabashed introvert, Kristen enjoys books, jigsaw puzzles, and sharing a cuppa over a deep conversation. But as the cheeky woman that she is, also loves nothing more than a well-executed prank layered in wit.

Born and raised in Maryland to a Christian family, Kristen grew up loving Jesus and crab cakes. She always felt a pull towards cross-cultural ministry; serving on numerous missions trips and hosting children from Belarus every summer. After graduating with a degree in Community Development, she spent time with a software development firm, FEMA Corps, and in youth ministry.

In 2017 she moved to Ireland for the Serge apprenticeship, serving two years in youth and university outreach at a church plant in Maynooth. It was in those challenging and beloved years Kristen discovered that God specifically created her quirky love for pranks. And that God’s heart for his daughters is far more caring, dignifying, and joyful than our imaginations have capacity for. Now part of the East London Alternative team, Kristen is excited to continue living out the depths of her Father’s love and intimacy, with maybe just a few more pranks!

Lalley, Kristen

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