Leah Emory

Leah Emory

Apprenticeship Program, U.K.

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Leah was raised in a supportive and loving Christian home in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. Her interest in exploring the world began at an early age in church, where she heard stories of people serving God in other countries. That interest grew while in university at the College of Charleston, and, in 2007 she became a missionary apprentice in Ireland.

While there, she saw how powerful having mentors and leaders can be in the life of the believer, to love and challenge, and how that strengthens people to be bold and risky in how they love their communities. With a desire to be a part of that ministry, she began raising support to serve in London, and has now been living in that global city for several years.

A quote from Jack Miller best sums up the joy of her work: "The difference between what we would do naturally in our own flesh, and what we are willing to do by the power of the Spirit, THAT is God's glory!" Leah is honored and amazed to witness that miracle of God's glory, in her life, and in the lives of others.

Emory, Leah

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