Marcus and Bethany Gadson

Sheperd's Bush, U.K.

Gadson, Marcus & Bethany Image

Marcus grew up in a diverse population in Northern Virginia. God changed his life as a teenager when he experienced God's love. God used an Urbana conference, a short trip to Nicaragua, and ministry in the local church to prepare Marcus for long-term ministry.

In the summer of 2004, Marcus spent nine days serving in a multi-cultural community in London through an outreach trip with his Northern Virginia church. He returned overseas in 2005 and has since been serving the community in London. Marcus has a passion to share God's love with people in this great diverse neighborhood.

Bethany grew up in Maryland and has always enjoyed hearing stories from people serving and living in other cultures. Since 1999, she has been exploring overseas cross-cultural opportunities. In the meantime, she has served in coffee shops and has taught sports programs to children. Bethany started serving with Serge in the summer of 2009 in Vienna, Austria. Seeing the brokenness in the city opened her eyes to the need for the gospel in people's lives. In 2011 Bethany joined the London team for eight months. During this experience, she learned more about what it is like to live in community and to step out in love to share the joy and confidence she has with others.

In 2013 Marcus and Bethany reconnected and were married in June 2014. Now they both look forward to returning to England together in 2015 to continue serving God and the community.

Gadson, Marcus & Bethany