Marcus and Bethany Gadson

Marcus and Bethany Gadson

Apprenticeship Program, U.K.

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Marcus grew up in a diverse population in Northern Virginia and enjoyed sharing the gospel with those in the area as an adult. He began serving on the field in 2005 as an apprentice in London before returning full time. Bethany grew up in Maryland and from a young age enjoyed hearing stories from people serving and living in other cultures. She began serving on the field in 2009 as an intern in Austria and two years later as an apprentice in London. Marcus and Bethany were married in 2014 and welcomed their firstborn son while serving in London.

After serving in a multi-cultural church in Shepherd's Bush from 2016 to 2021, Marcus and Bethany are returning to London in 2022 to serve with the apprenticeship program. During their respective apprenticeships, they learned the value of having leaders and mentors walking alongside them as they grew in their faith, while also learning to step outside of themselves and toward others in their communities.

Through many joys and challenges in their life together and in ministry, God has grown in Marcus and Bethany a deeper passion to walk alongside others through their journeys to and in faith. They are grateful for the opportunity to help raise up the next generation of leaders in the great, diverse city of London.

Gadson, Marcus & Bethany

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