Mark & Amy Stabell

Mark & Amy Stabell

Nyankunde, D.R. Congo

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Mark and Amy are both nurses and plan to partner with Congolese colleagues, hoping their presence, faith and profession would be an encouragement to the people of Congo.

Mark grew up in Congo until the age of 12 when his family returned to Canada during a period of conflict in the country. He attended Peace River Bible Institute where he obtained a bachelors in Global Ministries and then worked in Mozambique as a missionary for two years. Amy grew up in Tanzania and returned to the United States to go to college at Penn State where she attended nursing school. She also worked in Africa where she met Mark in 2009.

In 2012, when their commitments in Africa were finished, Mark and Amy moved to New Jersey to get married and for Mark to continue his education as a paramedic and then as a nurse. Over the past ten years, they have added three boys to their family: Daniel born in 2013, Jack born in 2016 and Andrew in 2018. They currently live in Texas where Mark works in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and Amy works on a Labor and Delivery Unit. They share in the responsibilities of homeschooling their three boys.

Mark and Amy are humbled by the faithfulness and mercy of God in their lives and look back on their childhoods in Africa with gratitude to Him and the African church for the discipleship and mentoring that took place through their time there. They desire to serve as a reminder that God sees and loves the people of Congo and is working for good even in a country that has experienced so much suffering.

Mark & Amy Stabell

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