Mary Garcia

Home Office, United States

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Mary Garcia joined Serge in 2012 to raise support to be part of the Apprentice program in London. Her heart for missions grew in college, through several trips to France working at an English outreach camp. This is where the Lord opened her heart to sharing the gospel--and began to show her how big His heart is for the lost.

In 2013 she joined Southall team as an Apprentice--living and working in this diverse South Asian neighborhood was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Living alongside people from different religious beliefs and talking about Jesus everyday meant relying on him like never before.

In the middle of the struggle and joy of these two years, the Lord taught her about ministry, and also kept nudging her, showing her that His big heart was for her, too. Currently she's using her Apprentice experience to shepherd new short-term workers to the field as a Member Care Associate with Serge. She hopes that as they seek to share the gospel, that they find real life in knowing Jesus.

Mary is also pursuing a Masters in Teaching Language to Speakers of Other Languages, at Salem State University, which she hopes to use in ministry. She's a Massachusetts native, Gordon College alum, and currently lives in Boston.

Garcia, Mary