Missionary Care

Ask any former missionary why they left the field and one response will stand out: “We didn’t have the support we needed.”

The pandemic has opened doors for the gospel. But it has also created new hardships and challenges for missionaries. And the cost of caring for missionaries has increased.

    Your gift to Missionary Care will provide:
  • A foundation to flourish
  • Support for missionary kids
  • Holistic care
When you give a gift to Missionary Care, you help equip a missionary to navigate difficult situations. And you help them stay on the field longer, resulting in a long-lasting kingdom impact.

Will you give today and help provide the extra care and support a missionary needs during this challenging season? You’ll free them up to focus on loving people and sharing the gospel of grace.

“It’s been over 20 years that we have had the privilege of serving overseas. We have undergone changes in jobs and locations, but we’ve always wanted to stay with Serge. Why? They take care of their people!”
— Serge Missionary, serving in Kenya

Missionary Care