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R & R M

London, U.K.

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In response to our Father’s love for us, we feel an increasing desire to share the good news of Jesus with others. Early in marriage we hoped this would involve serving as cross-cultural workers in a foreign country. (Our experiences overseas as singles opened our eyes to a winsome way of being publishers of peace, sharing our very lives—as sinners saved by grace—with people in need of grace.) For the first eleven years of marriage, we entrusted this hope to our Father, opening our home and our hearts to those with whom he has placed us.

Then after years of praying and processing, the door opened for us to move to London to partner with a small multicultural church. We are privileged to join these brothers and sisters in sharing life and the transforming love of Jesus with friends and neighbors. Our work will include: outreach event planning, designing evangelistic resources, diaconal service and training, and youth ministry.

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