Ryan & Emma Hefner

Ryan & Emma Hefner

Apprenticeship Program, Czech Republic

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Ryan and Emma are raising support to join Serge’s Apprenticeship Staff in Prague, Czech Republic.

Before they even met, God had called Ryan and Emma individually to missions and to Prague. In 2017, Ryan moved to Prague to work at a tech company, and later met Emma who taught English in a local school.

They were both active in local ministries and eagerly engaging their new home’s culture and language. As individuals, Ryan and Emma navigated cross-cultural work and ministry with the support of their local church community. God helped them see the beauty of gospel-centered community and how impactful support is to those in cross-cultural work.

They married in July 2020 in Prague and joyfully welcomed their daughter Nora in 2022.

Since bringing them together, God has called them further into ministry as a family. After living and working for 6 years in the Czech Republic, they sensed a call to join Serge.

Ryan and Emma look forward to serving as staff with Serge’s Apprenticeship Program in Prague, walking alongside Serge apprentices and supporting them as they live, work and minister in the city. As they also engage the local community through Ryan’s continued work in the tech field, they believe this gives them more opportunity to build a faith and work ministry for local people. They are hopeful and eager to see how God might use them in the work he’s already doing in the city they’ve come to love!

Ryan & Emma Hefner

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