Sarah L.

Sarah L.

Apprenticeship Program, U.K.

Sarah L Image

Sarah spent her childhood moving all over the US while her father was in the Air Force. She is thankful for her family that brought her up to know and love the Lord, as well as be prepared to travel across the world.

After getting her BA in History from Gardner-Webb University, Sarah spent a year in England getting her MA in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester. It was in this year that she discovered a love for the country and the people who live there. Since she left in 2017, she knew God would bring her back one day. In the past few years, Sarah has grown in her understanding of God’s love for her and, as a result,has increasingly pursued being a part of a ministry full-time so she can devote her life to sharing that love with others. Her realization of God’s calling on her life for mission work is a new one, but one in which she has already seen the hand of God very clearly.

She is expecting good things from the Lord in West London and in her life while she is there as an apprentice, beginning in 2022.

L., Sarah

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