Stephen and Charity Jones

Stephen and Charity Jones

London, U.K.

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Stephen and Charity have worked overseas with Serge since 2010. Their ministry has always been to reach the unreached with the gospel through church planting and practical avenues of community service. From 2010-1014, this looked like starting a church plant with their neighbors in Spain while partnering with the European Union to help distribute food to the needy.

For the last 7 years, it has looked like reaching out to South Asians in London, England in church planting. Bringing the good news of Jesus to their friends means conducting their worship service in various Indian languages, empowering local South Asian leaders and using contextually appropriate symbols to point others to “guru” Jesus. The community gets to know the church through stick dancing nights, vegetarian potlucks (even during Thanksgiving!) and participating in vacation Bible clubs.

In addition to this, Charity and Stephen both serve the needs of the most vulnerable through in-person and virtual counseling. As trained counselors from Covenant Theological Seminary (Stephen is also an ordained pastor in the PCA), Charity started a nonprofit in 2018 to provide high quality, low-cost counseling. Their staff of 8 counselors include local South Asian believers and ministry partners who serve over 40 clients per week. They have currently provided over 2,000 counseling sessions and reduced the cost for their clients by over $80,000

Stephen and Charity desire to provide access to counseling to those outside of the Western culture in a way that preserves their honor and gives dignity to their story. The cross-cultural nature of the work has attracted more clients and potential counselors than their counseling service can currently take, so they are excited to see where the Lord will take this in the future.

Stephen and Charity describe their family life in this fun way:

We have three unusually dashing children: King, Eden and Boaz. The kids have thick British accents, an appetite for adventure, and can eat very spicy Indian food. We enjoy eating good food, having great conversations and laughing. When you visit us in London for our annual LEAP week, you will experience all three!

Jones, Stephen & Charity

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