Taylor Morris

Taylor Morris

Lima, Peru

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Taylor Morris was born and raised in a loving and believing family. In 2012, as a sophomore in High school she was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder that required chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. During her health journey she reevaluated what a life lived for Christ truly meant and looked like.

She attended Brevard College (2014-2018) where she graduated with a degree in Exercise Science and a minor in Art. During those summers she worked for the Summershine Resort Staffing Ministry which allowed her to work as an Activity Director and Coffeeshop Supervisor at the Mount Rushmore KOA in the Black Hills of South Dakota for three consecutive summers.

Upon graduating she interned with Faithful Servant Missions in Costa Rica for three months where she was intentionally discipled for the first time. She loved experiencing God in another culture. Since returning she knew there was a deeper desire for international missions on her life. She has learned that a life lived for Christ looks like intentional relationships, loving deeper than we can do on our own, constant grace, and dying to self everyday.

While working as a Teacher Assistant at a local charter school in Brevard NC, she began conversations with Serge the winter of 2019 and is now humbled and excited to serve God in Lima Peru in 2021 as its first apprentice. The team in Peru has a close partnership with a local church plant that focuses on art, culture and faith. Taylor is excited to build relationships with locals and join the local church’s discussion of God as a creator, and how we find our identity in Him. She’s also excited to drink lots of Peruvian coffee.

Morris, Taylor