Under Resourced Missionary Fund

Under-Resourced Missionary Fund

Every year, 2-4 potential missionaries join Serge from under-resourced backgrounds.

They have been called to the mission field. They have been vetted, approved, and are eager to share the love of Jesus with a hurting world.

But these potential missionaries come from a community that isn’t able to fully fund them. Their church and community want to send them into the harvest, but are financially unable to do so.

These would-be emissaries of the gospel try to raise their monthly support. But when their network has been exhausted and they are still financially short, they give up — confused and discouraged.

This is a significant Kingdom loss — when a missionary is willing to lay down their life and honor God’s call to mission but can’t go.

But you can help change this.

When you give to the Under-Resourced Missionary Fund, your gift will go directly to helping mobilize an under-resourced missionary.

And what’s more, a generous donor has just offered $50,000 to inspire and challenge others to help get this fund off the ground. Will you give now to help match their donation? Any amount will help.

Your gift will help send a missionary who would otherwise not reach the field — to share the love of Jesus with those who otherwise may never hear the gospel.

Under Resourced Missionary Fund