Urgent Needs: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

At Serge, our mission continues “laying down our lives together for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ by establishing churches and transforming communities."

Often that means being called into frightening situations for the sake of the gospel.

Because the world needs God's grace at the fray.

Since the pandemic began, there’s been an increased openness to the gospel. People are seeing the great need for peace and the certainty that comes from knowing Jesus.

Will you help share the love of Jesus?
Give to the COVID-19 Urgent Needs Fund.


How can they hear about him unless someone tells them?
Because of the pandemic, there have been costly changes to strategy and added measures to care for missionaries.

So far we are:

  • Creating new strategies and contingencies to send and care for new missionaries
  • Incurring unexpected travel costs in relocating certain missionaries to safety
  • Adding new security procedures and software to protect missionaries serving in closed countries
  • Purchasing new and additional software to accommodate staff working remotely

Our vision remains the same: Movements of grace reaching all people, renewing all believers, and restoring all things for the world's good and God's glory.

You can share God's grace at the fray by giving to the COVID-19: Urgent Needs Fund.

By giving now, you’ll help a missionary focus on sharing the love of Jesus with those who desperately need His saving grace.

Serge is committed to maintaining financial integrity and transparency.

Urgent Needs: Coronavirus (COVID-19)