Kibuye Pediatric Ward, Burundi

Kibuye Pediatric Ward, Burundi

In the underserved interior of Burundi, the world's poorest and hungriest country (World Bank 2015, Global Hunger Index 2013), Kibuye Hope Hospital continues to provide the most reliable care in the region, as well as serving as the primary teaching hospital for hundreds of African health professionals.

Since 2013, the hospital has experienced considerable growth and development, through the partnership with a Serge medical mission team and Hope Africa University.

In 2014, Kibuye Hope Hospital, averaged 30 hospitalized patients per day. Now, there are often more than 100 hospitalized patients per day. Most children (with their mothers) need to share a bed with another child (and his/her mother) and sometimes multiple other children. Hospitalization rooms are over-crowded, making daily work difficult and the spread of communicable diseases nearly impossible to control.

More space is needed in order to better bring healing to the children of Burundi who come to Kibuye Hope Hospital. Engineering Ministries International has made several visits to Kibuye to design a new 120-bed pediatrics building which will be the long-term home of the general pediatrics, neonatology, and inpatient severe malnutrition services. This capacity will allow these services to continue grow, with adequate space to treat, heal, and teach our students to do the same.

Total Project Price Estimation: $550,880

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