Richard Segal

Richard Segal

Richard and Harriet grew up in secular homes in Philadelphia. They have three grown-and-married children, and nine grandchildren. At 20, Richard heard the gospel, and believed it was true, but didn't "trust" in Jesus. He married Harriet, who was an atheist (and she remained so until their eventual conversion). For Richard, the time between first hearing/believing the gospel and coming to a real, saving faith, was 28 years-a long, dry time in a spiritual desert. On Easter Sunday, 1987, they showed up, as new believers, at New Life Church in Jenkintown, PA. New Life was founded by Jack Miller who started Serge and the Sonship discipleship course. A few years later Richard and Harriet were discipling folks at church, and Richard was busy running New Life's Sonship programs and revising the Sonship Manual for Serge.

In 1998, after Richard retired from his work as an art teacher at an inner-city Philly high school, Serge asked him to be a Sonship-By-Phone discipler. "How weird," he thought, "to disciple strangers over the phone!" But oh, what God can do when two or more are gathered in the name of Jesus even if by phone or the internet. Over these years on the phone, Richard's desire for Jesus has been growing: for Jesus himself; to know him; to taste and see that he is good; to grasp more fully this "love that surpasses knowledge," and to lead others to drink more deeply at the "spring of living water."

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