Lauren Chudnovsky

Lauren Chudnovsky

Burundi has had a special place in Lauren's heart, and a deep impact on her life long before she stepped foot in the country. Her family's roots in Burundi grew out of her grandparents' missionary service there starting when her mom was a child.

In 2008 she visited Burundi for the first time for a month of experience and learning that planted a seed of interest in the ways that creativity and art can be used in trauma healing therapy--and also how creative ideas and appropriate technologies can impact daily life and create income for rural communities.

After graduating from Gordon College with a degree in art, Lauren returned to Burundi in September of 2015. She was blessed with the opportunity to extend her stay and work with the Serge Kibuye team, turning a one-month trip in to eight months. Sewing surgical drapes and other items needed at Kibuye Hope Hospital led to an opportunity to teach a couple of local women how to sew items needed at the hospital.

Those eight months were shaped by time spent connecting with Burundians through art and craft and sharing skills, as well as spending time with the team's kids while teaching art, gym, and preschool.

She will return to Burundi to participate in the Kibuye team's mission and support the ministry of Kibuye Hope Hospital by continuing to train seamstresses and by facilitating other creative arts projects at the hospital.

Lauren is excited to integrate creative arts and ministry in Burundi through teaching, building relationships, and helping to implement creative ways for people to generate income.

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