Kayla Hedin

Kayla Hedin

Kayla grew up in Lansing, Michigan, and graduated from Spring Arbor University with a degree in Elementary Education with minors in reading and teaching English as a second language. Although Kayla has wanted to be a teacher for almost as long as she can remember, teaching outside the U.S. was not always on her radar.

Her interest in teaching abroad was sparked in high school and was quickly ignited after spending the summer of 2015 in Japan helping teach English at a kindergarten. The following school year, she became fast friends with a fellow Spring Arbor student who had family roots in Burundi.

After briefly talking with this friend and her family about Burundi and the team in Kibuye, Burundi seemed to be written on her heart. A year after her introduction to the idea of the team in Kibuye and a semester after student teaching, she was appointed to serve the Serge Kibuye-Burundi team as a teacher for the children of missionaries there.

Kayla will join the team at Kibuye in March of 2018. She will support the work of the doctors at Kibuye Hope Hospital by teaching their children at the growing school for missionary kids. The team that began with seven children has grown to have more children than adults! She is excited to support the ministry at Kibuye Hope Hospital while she also steps into her own ministry role.

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