Chris and Josephine Hatch

Chris and Josephine Hatch

Chris was raised in the southeastern U.S. in a pastor's home. He accepted Christ as a child and God used people/events during his time at Georgia Tech, Covenant College, and New City Fellowship-Chattanooga to significantly encourage his walk with the Lord.

Josephine was raised in Nairobi, Kenya. The Lord used the ministry of Rev. Randy Nabors, who pastored at her local Presbyterian church during her teenage years, to bring her to faith. After completing high school, Josephine served in Kenya with DIGUNA (a German mission agency), the Navigators, and Mission Aviation Fellowship.

Chris and Josephine met at Covenant College and became friends while serving together as youth group leaders for New City. They were married in 1993. While working on an MA at Covenant Seminary, the Hatch's were involved in the planting of New City Fellowship-St.Louis with Rev. Barry Henning.

In 1995, they moved back to Chattanooga, where Chris worked to start a non-profit community development corporation called Hope for Chattanooga that specializes in youth development, housing, and job training. Josephine focused much of her time on discipling women and other church ministries. In 1997 they welcomed their daughter Rahel to the world, and in 2000, their son Kaleb. Chris and Josephine lived and worked in Glenwood, a low income, African-American neighborhood, until September 2002 when they moved to St.Louis to pursue ministry in London.

Today Chris leads the church planting team for New City Shepherd's Bush.

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