Gregory and Stephanie Sund

Gregory and Stephanie Sund

The Sund family, Greg, Stephanie, and their three children: Ella ('04), Mekdes ('05) and Biniyam ('09) first served in Kibuye, Burundi, through a nine-month internship beginning in Fall 2014. Greg is the only anesthesiologist/critical care physician on a team of medical missionaries at Kibuye Hope Hospital, which is a teaching hospital that serves a rural area of Burundi. After support raising and language school, the Sunds returned to Kibuye in the fall of 2017 where they continue to serve.

Greg grew up in Vienna, Va. He attended the University of Washington and earned a B.A. in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. He then attended medical school at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and served a residency at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle. He completed a cardiac anesthesia fellowship at Emory University.

Greg has made multiple short-term medical mission trips and has seen first-hand the value of medical education in underserved areas. His desire is to help raise up a generation of well-equipped East African physicians. Greg teaches anesthesia and critical care medicine to students and nurse anesthetists for Hope Africa University. He also works to increase the capacity of the hospital to handle more complicated surgical patients.

Stephanie grew up in Wilmington, Mass. She attended Messiah College in Pennsylvania where she received a B.S. in Nursing. Stephanie worked for eight years after graduation as a nurse on a cardiac unit, first in Baltimore and then in Denver. She served as a traveling nurse in Seattle. Stephanie works at the hospital as a lactation consultant in addition to teaching the missionary kids at Kibuye Hope Academy.

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