Christ School - Bundibugyo :: 365 Club

Christ School - Bundibugyo :: 365 Club

Christ School - Bundibugyo :: 365 Club

Just $1 dollar a day, combined with the $400 parents pay for a years’ tuition, provides a gospel-centered education and 3 meals a day for a Ugandan student in need.

When you join the 365 Club, you are helping transform Uganda - one child at a time.

Twenty years ago, a pioneering Serge team in Uganda founded Christ School - Bundibugyo, a Christian boarding high school in rural Uganda. They had a dream of seeing the Gospel take form in one of the least accessible, most beautiful, and desperately needy places in the world.

In a country where over half the population is under the age of 18, the youthful abundance presents an amazing opportunity to unlock Uganda’s potential – with gospel-centered education.

Become part of a community of givers that cares about these orphans and vulnerable children – and is investing in seeing the gospel take form in Uganda.

Your contribution directly supports the students at Christ School Bundibugyo and helps sustain the future of this ministry.

Meet (Name of Student) - This shy 10-year-old never thought she would go to school... until a compassionate supporter invested in her future. Hear her story >>>

Why give monthly?


Giving monthly is easy and convenient. Your gift is processed automatically each month, saving you time and trouble, and you have total control to change your pledge amount at any time.


Your reliable support ensures that we can keep these students in school consistently, which stacks up over time. Plus recurring gifts are more efficient – so more of your support goes to educating and shepherding these students.


One person writing one check is not nearly as powerful as 250 people praying for and investing in these children. Giving monthly is an opportunity for you to partner with a family in need - and witness long-term, compounded impact in their lives and the community.


Monthly giving means instead of continuing to ask for support - we can focus 100% on pouring into these students and you - our monthly supporters.
    As a valued member of the 365 club, you’ll receive:
  • • An electronic pamphlet that contains the bio's of the students enrolled in our program
  • • Quarterly updates from Christ School Bundibugyo
  • • Warm baked goods from the oven of Brooke Herron

Join the 365 Club today. Gospel-based Education has the potential to transform the entire country of Uganda. By giving monthly, you will help the Kingdom run forth in this corner of the world.

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