Margaret-Elliotte Rebello

Margaret-Elliotte Rebello

ME Rebello (Czentnar) works with the Serge Renewal Team and is based in Sheffield, England with her husband Wayne.

ME first joined Serge in 2008 as an intern in Ireland and has since worked with Serge's South Asian church planting teams and the Serge Apprenticeship Program in the United Kingdom.

ME graduated from Furman University in Greenville, SC with a degree in Communication Studies and worked in adult education prior to joining Serge. She uses that experience to help with curriculum development and editorial support for training materials such as Discipleship Lab, webinars and the Serge Apprenticeship curriculum.

One of ME's favorite parts of her work is working as a Sonship mentor. She enjoys walking alongside others through their journey and seeing God work in their lives as their hearts are renewed in the gospel.

ME is currently training as a counselor in the UK and will finish her masters in summer 2020. She hopes to continue coming alongside others through life's challenges through continued counseling work in the UK.

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