Gary and Ashley Helms

Gary and Ashley Helms

Why would a predictable, stability-loving couple choose to leave the serene mountains of western North Carolina for a bustling city of over eight million people where more than 300 languages are spoken? The answer is that God has given Gary and Ashley Helms a vision to invest long term in building His Kingdom in London.

Before they married in the autumn of 2003, they had separately served for various lengths in Amsterdam, Belize, Kosovo, and London. Ashley also served for two years in Senegal. They've both served with an internship program in Ireland. They deployed in 2015 to London as full-time staff, helping to lead an apprenticeship and internship program in London. Having had careers in management, administration, and sales, Gary and Ashley draw from these rich life experiences while using their gifts to help train and mentor apprentices and interns. They say that experiencing the richness of God's grace daily is what gives them the confidence and passion to take these risks.

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