Amy Bergvall

Amy Bergvall

Amy grew up in Warrington, Penn., and attended Lancaster Bible College where she studied social work. Throughout her time in college, she went on various mission trips which grew her heart for other cultures and opened her mind to the need to share the gospel.

She volunteered in various ministries that ran afterschool programs and camps for kids and served as a youth leader in youth group. It was through these things that her heart continued to grow for kids and teens to know how valuable they are and for them to know Jesus.

In the Summer of 2014, Amy became and Intern with Serge in the Republic of Ireland (also called the Encounter program). During Encounter, Amy helped churches in Ireland run camps, hold community outreaches, and carry out service projects. The opportunity that impacted her the most was assisting a church in Dublin to take a group of kids from the city to a camp. It was incredible to see how excited these kids were to be outdoors surrounded by woods, open spaces, and trees. One girl could not stop doing cartwheels on the football pitch (soccer field). She said when she tried to do them at home, it always hurt her hands because of the concrete.

Some of the campers came from loving homes, but some came from homes of abuse, neglect, and alcoholism. There was a bitterness and hardness of heart in some campers who were as young as eight years old. This was something that Amy had never seen before and it really broke her heart. It was not until this particular camp, that Amy felt an ache in her heart to return to Ireland and be involved in a ministry that reaches out to children and teens from an urban community.

Amy wants these kids to know of the hope they can have in Jesus and that they are loved and important. She will be joining the team in Ireland to serve as an Apprentice for a two-year term.

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