Kristen Lalley

Kristen Lalley

Born and raised in Maryland to a Christian family, Kristen grew up loving Jesus and crab cakes. She always felt a pull towards cross-cultural ministry; serving on numerous missions trips and hosting children from Belarus every summer. In 2012 she graduated from Covenant College with a degree in Community Development. Her education inculded a six-month internship in Pittsburgh studying microfinance.

Though she felt pulled to ministry, fear and insecurity spoke into her calling. Kristen moved back to Maryland and settled into a wonderful job, apartment, and church. During this time, though, she began discipling high school students and discovered a unique joy in sharing her life and delicious desserts with young women.

In 2014, Kristen joined AmeriCorps NCCC - FEMA Corps where she traveled the country for 10 months with a team of young adults, assisting in disaster preparedness and recovery initiatives. She returned to Maryland once again in the summer of 2015 to continue pranking her friends and mentoring students.

The past two years of mentoring young women and traveling the states brought Kristen face-to-face with her immense brokenness and the even vaster grace offered in Christ. And that grace is enabling her to pursue youth ministry in Ireland. In June of 2017, she will be joining the Serge team in Ireland as an Apprentice, a journey she is excited to embark on.

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