Anna Nafziger

Anna Nafziger

Anna grew up in Greenville, SC, and attended Clemson University where she studied Biological Sciences. During her time in college, Jesus began moving her heart towards ministry instead of medicine. She began interning at her church, Eastside Presbyterian, and then transitioned to full-time staff after she graduated in 2014. Discipling middle, high school, and college girls became her passion, and she developed a deep love for walking with people and meeting them where they are at. Her love for missions began to grow after leading a couple youth trips to Brazil and to Costa Rica.

Christmas 2015, Haley, Tom and Vicki Gilliam's niece, invited Anna to her family's Christmas celebration at Vicki's parent's house. As Vicki and Anna wrapped presents, they started discussing ministry opportunities in Ireland. At the time, Anna loved her job at the church and didn't feel it was the right time to move on to anything else. She never forgot that conversation. After a really difficult year (2017) of moves and job changes, she started praying for a place to serve in ministry full-time again. The door opened to do ministry in Ireland, and she started prayerfully walking towards the opportunity.

Anna will work with summer interns and apprentices in Dublin and serve alongside and under local Irish pastors to share the Gospel. She is excited to see what God is doing in Ireland and how He will work through the gifts that Jesus has given her to love and serve the Irish people.

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