Jeff and Abbie Nelson

Jeff and Abbie Nelson

Jeff and Abbie will begin long-term work in Guatemala City starting in 2018. Jeff is a clinical psychologist and will be providing support to local pastors and ministry leaders. Abbie is a family nurse practitioner and will be starting a family medicine clinic in the neighborhood built on the city dump. They have three daughters: Cora (2008), Lucie (2011) and Hazel (2015).

Jeff grew up in western Michigan and attended Hope College as an undergraduate before moving to Portland, Oregon in 2003 to attend George Fox University for a masters and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology. Abbie are up in east Texas, went to nursing school at Louisiana State University and moved to Portland in 2005 where she met Jeff. They married less than a year later and spent a year in Miami where Jeff did an internship in forensic psychology. They then moved back to Portland where their girls were born.

After 10 years of ER nursing, Abbie completed training as a Family Nurse Practitioner (Gonzaga University, 2013). Since then she has been providing primary care in a rural clinic for low-income patients. Jeff has been in private practice providing therapy to a diverse patient population of adults. They have long felt a calling to use their skills to bring tangible, compassionate, sustainable good to bear on the lives of marginalized and poverty-bound people in Guatemala.

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