Expanding Global Renewal

Expanding Global Renewal

Serge's Renewal initiatives serve pastors, church planters, and other Christian leaders all over the world.

Our focus is to help these leaders hear and apply the gospel anew, even as they share the gospel with others. These leaders have spiritual influence that multiplies over time and can transform communities, yet they must be ministered to so they can minister to others.

Today, Serge seeks to:

  1. grow a capacity to send more missionaries to offer mentoring to national pastors and church planters,

  2. equip more national leaders to take gospel movements into their own circles through our Mentored Sonship and Discipler Training programs,

  3. expand online offerings.

With your partnership, we can expand the impact of Serge's Renewal work and answer the growing requests from those who reach out to Serge for mentoring and help from around the world.

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