Equipment Shipping for Disabled Children--Uganda

Equipment Shipping for Disabled Children--Uganda

Countless children and adults in Western Uganda live with varying degrees of physical disability. Unfortunately there is limited or no access to special equipment that could improve their mobility and function, increase quality of life, decrease the burden of care, or provide new opportunities for development and learning.

The Serge Bundibugyo team currently has access to a large amount of equipment that has already been pledged and/or donated by U.S.-based organizations and friends. The equipment includes wheelchairs, strollers, standers, walkers, gait trainers, positioning seats, splints, braces, and more.

The team is seeking donations to cover $20,000 in shipping costs. The team needs to not only ship but also purchase the container to safely and securely store the equipment. Would you help us be the hands and feet of Jesus and consider making a contribution towards this project that will greatly help underserved children with physical disabilities?

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