Nyankunde Maternity Fund

Nyankunde Maternity Fund

Serge's medical team in Nyankunde, D.R. Congo, battle grinding poverty while serving patients and training national medical professionals. This project will provide them with much needed supplies, training and support for the maternity department in Nyankunde and the surrounding health zone.

  • Providing medical supplies for the maternity department

  • Nutritional care for infants whose mothers died in labor

  • Paying for women unable to afford care

  • Paying for training for nurses, doctors and community health workers in obstetrical education

  • Continuing training sessions for community health workers

  • Help provide supplies and training in family planning

  • Provide supplies for spiritual formation

  • Provide grants for travel to midwifery conferences

  • Paying for formula for orphaned children in the maternity department

  • Paying for shipping and review of pathological specimens

  • Discretionary funds for needs within the maternity department and Nyankunde health district

  • Education fees for capable and desperately needed nursing students

  • Discretionary funds for team members to use as they determine legitimate requests for assistance in the local community.

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