Abbott, Pat

Abbott, Pat

Pat Abbott, a native of Pittsburgh suburbs, graduated Ringgold-Monongahela in 74’ & a B.A. Arts from Salem College WV in 78’. Moved to Winston-Salem NC to join her family for her first cross-cultural experience!

Captivated by Jesus, Pat responded to the gospel and joined Redeemer Presbyterian Ch. in WS, NC. Taught by Rev. Clyde Godwin and Rev. Rick Downs, who were mentored by late Rev. C. John Miller, God grew her understanding of his word, his love and grace for her from the Apostle Paul's letters to the Romans and Galatians shaped a deep awareness of the radical power of the gospel to change her heart and the heart of any person.

This gospel understanding preceded God's call to leave family, friends and home to move to Uganda and in 93’ accepted by WHM to teach Missionary kids in Bundibugyo, UG. Pat served two short-terms of service and by the Team’s invitation returned in 97’ as a full-time Missionary to the Babwisi, Bakonjo and Bamba tribes.

A Ugandan friend of Pat's passed away in ‘07. Prior to her death she requested her daughters, Kyomugisha (Kym) Anna and Faith Lydia, become wards of Pat and their grandmother.

After18 years in Bundibugyo, Pat moved with the girls to live in Fort Portal, two hours from BGO. Pat was granted Legal Guardianship in 2011 and 2014 Legal UG Adoption Rights. Currently seeking US Citizenship for girls.

In Fort Portal she began a discipleship ministry- Women of the Proverbs. A small group of women study the Bible 3 days per week, afternoons they train in sewing skills to create local kitenge fabric goods for a competitive market. Women w/ advanced training progress to Green Leaf Crafts. *2017, Jenna Ruth Murphy joined Pat in the work. Jenna brought new vibrancy to the now work together, with young women for God’s glory in FTP.

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