Bundi Nutrition Fund

Bundi Nutrition Fund

This fund was created to address some of the nutritional needs of Bundibugyo, Uganda. The BundiNutrition project has a long history in Serge's work in Bundibugyo; including distribution of seeds and hoes, providing food and milk to disadvantaged children, and a dairy goat project.

The BundiNutrition program is for moderately malnourished children-those with significant malnutrition but not severe enough to warranty hospitalization. Each week they are given a locally grown and processed food supplement to improve their nutritional intake. The program also emphasizes education to create longer-lasting change in the community. Each week, a lesson is taught concerning a public health issue as well as a Bible teaching to share the hope of the gospel.

To affect long-term change in the nutritional status of the community, education is necessary to improve health/hygiene, proper feeding and nutrition, farming techniques and to diversify locally-grown food.

Serge in conjunction with the local health center provides care for children who are hospitalized with severe malnutrition. Children over 6 months of age receive a special milk-based formula provided by UNICEF. Infants less than 6 months have difficulties digesting this formula, so they receive baby formula (provided by Serge) to treat their malnutrition.

Motherless infants under 6 months old are given baby formula on a temporary basis until a surrogate breastfeeder (wet nurse), often an extended family member, can be found. Serge provides a small food stipend for them in order to facilitate relactation and a good milk supply.

Any donation amount is helpful. Here are some examples of how far your money can go:

$1,000 will provide the entire operating expenses of BundiNutrition for 1 month.
$600 will pay the salary of the Ugandan Bundi Nutrition Coordinator for 6 months.
$200 will provide 1 week of supplements for all children enrolled in the BundiNutrition outpatient program.
$30 will provide locally made nutritional supplements for one child for their entire enrollment in our 10-week outpatient program.
$12 will buy a can of baby formula that will last a severely malnourished child for 4-6 days.

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