Wallace, Shawn and Heather

Wallace, Shawn and Heather

Shawn and Heather Wallace live and work Nairobi, Kenya. Shawn serves as associate pastor for New City Fellowship-Nairobi, a multi-cultural church that desires to help bring about racial reconciliation and address the needs of the city. He trains church leadership in evangelism and outreach, mentors young men from the church to help them see themselves as God sees them, and preaches every other week.

Shawn is also involved in chronological oral Bible storying with other members of the Serge team in Nairobi.

Heather serves with women's and children's ministry at New City and provides leadership for the Serge Internship program.

Shawn and Heather have four children: John (in the U.S. for college), Anna, Andrew, and R.J. (who all attend Rosslyn Academy in Nairobi).

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