Johnson, Chase and Sha

Johnson, Chase and Sha

Chase Johnson and Ailisha O'Sullivan (Chase and Sha) have been in Cluj, Romania, since 1996, sent by their church in Chicago. In 2002 they were accepted as Serge missionaries.

Chase and Sha lead a small team that works primarily among a community of Romanian-born Hungarians who experienced the extraordinary spiritual revival that took place during Romania’s communist era. The suffering they experienced shaped the theology/spirituality/teaching that still influences how they live and do ministry today.

The team works alongside several ministries/projects initiated by this community, all based in the university town of Cluj, Romania. These include:

  • • Genesius, a university student ministry
  • Koinonia, a publishing house (translating indigenous works into English)
  • the Bonus Pastor Foundation, a mission to addicts and their families
  • Kinship, a local adaptation of Serge’s Sonship discipleship course
  • • a Montessori elementary and middle school.

The team also assists local believers working among students and professionals within the Cluj theatre community, and recently has begun working with Roma teenagers who live in a slum at the periphery of Cluj.

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