Wendler, Carlan and Michelle

Wendler, Carlan and Michelle

Carlan and Michelle Wendler serve at Kibuye Hope Hospital in Kibuye, Burundi as physician and musician. Carlan completed Emergency Medicine residency in Los Angeles in 2012 and immediately deployed with the Serge-Kibuye Team. He met Michelle in 2014, they married in 2015, and Gabrielle was born to them in 2019. He teaches emergency medicine at Hope Africa University, directs the ER at Kibuye Hope Hospital, and trains pastors and lay leaders with the local church.

Besides caring for their child, Michelle is active in education of both nationals (English as a second language) and missionary kids (music and piano). Both husband and wife are committed to the discipleship of medical students, residents, hospital staff, and local church members into greater Christ-likeness and closeness with God through Bible study and one- on-one mentoring.

You can follow Carlan and Michelle's journey at their blog carlanandmichelle.com or look for their hashtag #instrumentsofgrace on social media. They also highly recommend you subscribe to the team blog at wordanddeedafrica.com and visit the hospital website at kibuyehope.com. Thank you for helping to develop medical missionaries from Africa, for Africa.

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