Mixon, George and Martha

Mixon, George and Martha

George and Martha Mixon have served in Kenya since 1994. They first worked with the Maasai people on a church planting team where George served as a veterinarian focused on training in animal health care. After George completed seminary, the Mixons returned to Kenya in 2004 to join Serge's church planter training team.

After a couple of years he narrowed his focus to training Kenyan leaders in ""Bible storying"" as a method for discipleship and evangelism. He now also serves as pastor of International Christian Fellowship (ICF), a church focused on reaching the large expatriate community in Nairobi.

Until recently George and Martha served as Nairobi Serge team leaders but have recently handed this off in order to engage in a broader role as Regional Supervisors, working with leaders of three Serge teams in Kenya. Martha's also serves in women's ministry through ICF.

Four of the Mixon's children live in the U.S.: Beth, married to Chris, living and working in Washington D.C.; Carrie, a recent graduate of Covenant College, working in Chattanooga, Tenn.; James, attending Belmont University; and Nathan; Temple University in Philadelphia. Laura is an 8th grader at Rosslyn Academy in Nairobi.

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