Robbins, Daniel and Bethany

Robbins, Daniel and Bethany

Daniel and Bethany Robbins are starting a new team in Malawi, focused on leadership development through theological education and discipleship. Daniel will be teaching at a Seminary started by the Presbyterian church in Malawi while Bethany homeschools the children and counsels and disciples the hospital staff. Together, they're excited about developing relationships with the seminary students and their families.

Daniel hails from Seattle, WA, and Bethany from Nashville, TN. It was during an RUF talk at the University of Washington that both Daniel and Bethany felt the first call to missions in Africa. Soon after, they married in 2005 and then spent two years in Malawi from 2007-2009, where they had their firstborn. In Malawi, they taught at an international elementary and secondary school. During these years, they saw firsthand the need for educational investment.

Daniel graduated from Covenant Seminary with his M.Div in 2013. Bethany has been receiving advanced training in counseling under Dan Allender through the Allender Center in Seattle. Together, Daniel and Bethany spent five years in pastoral ministry at Christ Church Bellingham in Washington state. Since language training for Malawi is not needed, Daniel is now working on a Ph.D. in theological epistemology at Aberdeen University. This will allow them to better train pastors and invest in building up seminaries for Africa.

They love their creative and energetic children, Elijah ('08), Lazarus ('10) and Ruthie ('13), and a handful of foster children whom they miss.

Keep up to date with the Robbins and learn more by visiting their website:

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